Alyana is a rehabilitation centre in Kolkata that gives the opportunity to quit drug addiction. It is the top leading rehabilitation centre for the people who are suffering from drug addicts. There are many types of drugs such as Cocaine, Opioids, Cannabis, Inhalants, and Alcohol that can be quit with the cooperation of Alyana rehabilitation centre. It provides a peaceful and homely environment for patients.  It has a team of well-experienced doctors, psychologists, counsellors and social workers who do the regular medical checkup and help to do Yoga, exercise and other activities. It is the best Alcohol rehabilitation centre in Kolkata that allows getting rid of Alcohol. It uses the detoxification process for the treatment of patients, in which the entire body of the patient is firstly detoxified with medicines. Then the de-addiction process takes place. They use modern techniques and therapies in the treatment which make it famous drug rehab centre in Kolkata.  All the treatment process take place under the supervision of the management team and family members of patients. It is considered as the Best rehabilitation centre in Kolkata due to its services. The recovery rate at Alyana is very high. Alyana is a de-addiction centre in Kolkata which gives the treatment to Drug/ Alcohol addicts. The whole staff of Alyana is very cooperative and friendly with patients.

Alyana, famous as one of the leading drug rehab centers Kolkata is a ray of hope for those who are suffering from numerous health problems due to the addiction of drugs. The health issues that take place due to the drug addiction include stroke, lung or heart disease, or mental health conditions etc. Moreover, the scans, blood tests and x-rays can clearly disclose the impacts of drugs on the human body. Alyana provides many types of treatment programs to drug addicts as per requirement. Such treatment programs include Residential treatment program in which patients live in the rehab centre and get treatment, Outpatient treatment process in which patient does not stay at the rehab centre and come to rehab centre to take day and evening treatment, Day treatment for those who want to stay at home and spend 7 to 8 hour of the day in rehab centre to take treatment. There are many causes of drug addiction which are needed to examine before any treatment process. Thus, Alyana determines reasons first which are caused drug addiction and then try to avoid them. The reasons behind addiction can be psychological, environmental, entertainment and genetic causes. De-addiction centre Kolkata has a team of professional doctors who help patients to avoid the cause of addiction with the help of suitable yoga, meditation and exercises. They ensure the fast recovery of patients with the use of latest treatment and therapies. This centre not only treats the drug addicts but also provide the treatment for those suffering from psychological disorders, lifestyle disorders, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, etc. They also facilitate homes for Alzheimer and Dementia patients. All the treatment process take place under the supervision of family members. 


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