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ALYANA - De Addiction & Rehabilitation Centre providing service to people suffering form the disease of substance abuse (Drugs/Alcohol Addiction) & psychological disorders.

Treatment For Substance Abuse

Drugs / Alcohol Addiction


Substance abuse refers to the excessive intake of illegal drugs. Such substances or drugs affects the physical and mental health of a person. Many people mistakes substance abuse with addiction. People suffering from substance abuse can quit their habit but people suffering from addiction requires deaddiction treatment.

Substance Abuse has many harmful effects such as health issues, disabilities, failure to meet responsibilities, impaired control, social issues, etc. Such drugs slow down the thinking ability of a person and it can also lead to many other problems such as mood swings, marital problems, child abuse, job problems, domestic violence, financial problems, suicide, loss of self-esteem or self-confidence, etc.

Substance Abuse or Drug Abuse can be cured with the help of treatments and therapies. A person suffering from drug abuse can also become a responsible member of the society by quitting drugs. Drug Addiction Treatment not only works on your body but also works on your mind and spirit.  

At Alyana Rehabilitation Centre, patients suffering from addiction are treated with great care and affection. Our team of doctors takes special care of each and every patient. Our treatments and therapies are based upon the requirements of the patient along with the involvement of their family members.


Alcohol addiction is one of the biggest threat to our society. It not only causes damage to the society but also causes a huge damage to the patient as well as their family member. Alcohol addiction has many negative consequences like slowing down the whole body and mental process or physical illness. Therefore it is necessary to cure alcohol addiction as early as possible.

Our Rehabilitation Center offers various types of deaddiction treatment for various types of drugs. Alcohol Addiction Treatment starts with the detoxification process. In detoxification process, whole body is detoxified with medicines. After the detoxification process, proper deaddiction process is started.

This rehabilitation facilities varies from person to person. Sometimes this alcohol recovery program needs psychiatric assistance also. We do have reputed and specialized psychiatric who help in the alcoholism treatment.

We do believe that our organisation is the best alcohol treatment centre as our recovery rate is really high. Our alcohol treatment centre has a very nice homely environment so that the impatient never miss their home. Our rehabilitation center have a friendly staff and always puts their best foot forward in counselling. We are one of the well-known or best deaddiction center in Kolkata.   

Nasha Mukti Kendra

The Best Rehab Centre Of Kolkata

Alyana a Ray of Hope, a shelter for the people in need. For years Alyana is working for the people suffering from different addiction and substance abuse. 

Addiction is a condition in which a person engages in the use of a substance or in a behavior for which the rewarding effects provide a compelling incentive to repeatedly pursue the behavior despite detrimental consequences. Addiction may involve the use of substances such as alcohol, inhalants, opioids, cocaine, canabis, and others. 

At Alyana we are dedicated to compassionately and respectfully helping those requiring our care. We believe rehabilitation is a on going process that will respect and promote your quality of life, our professional team will enthusiastically collaborate with you. We have dedicated team of psychologist who do regular counseling to the patients. Inmates are assigned with different therapy which includes group discussion individual counselinggroup counseling and many more. At Alyana we encourage cultural activities regular exercise gym and many indoor as well as indoor activity. 

At Alyana we have a medical board which include renowned Psychiatrist, General Physician and 24 hours Nursing Care. The treatment process starts with detoxification where patients are under supervision of medical team . After detoxification the rehabilitation starts. Staffs and units members of Alyana are all recovering addict and they stay 24/ 7 with the inmates so that they can understand each and every need of every individual. 

In one word Alyana is Home Away From Home.

Our Vision : A world where the right to positive mental health is secured for all.

Residential Treatment For Psychological Disorders

Home For Mentally Disordered Person

ALYANA is an organization which helps to improve the well-being of mentally challenged friends. 
We have a team of trained staffs, doctors, psychologist and psychiatrist to do a therapeutic treatment to the inmates who are admitted here.
All the Inmates are trained in basic self-care and clean habits. The aim is to provide them with a healthy and conducive environment, and skills for a fulfilling life. Residents receive behavioural counselling and their families are provided with guidance counselling. Residents are also given vocational and skill training. 
For those who live in Alyana, it has become family and more.

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