De Addiction & Rehabilitation Treatment

De Addiction treatment starts with the detoxification process. In this process, whole body is detoxified with the help of medicines under proper medical condition. During this process, intake of substance is stopped and proper medications are given. Detoxification is supported by specialist doctor and continued with Rehabilitation and mental upbringing supported by psychiatrist, psychologist and counselor. Yoga meditation and pranayam conducted by volunteers from missionary organisations.

Various therapies or counseling sessions are performed on the basis of patient’s condition. Our Rehab Center have a team of psychologists having more than 15 years of experience in the field of deaddiction treatment. Our counseling or therapy sessions includes meditation, yoga, group therapies or input sessions. Such type of spiritual therapies are helpful in changing the mindset of patient towards drug or alcohol addiction. Our doctors also helps patients in guiding them through their low self-esteem, fears, resentments and other character or behavioral issues.

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Our rehab is the best rehab for drug and alcohol treatment. For treatment of drug and alcohol abuse we use the best psychologist who does regular counselling to the patients and help them to understand the effect of addiction. 

The treatment for drugs users is very critical as once they stop drugs they suffers from a physical withdrawal syndrome. We have in house medical team with reputed doctors who examined them and give them proper medication and help them in the detoxification process. 

Our center deals with heroine, brownsugar, cannabis, prescription drugs, alcohol and other substance abuse addiction. We are one of the best drug and alcohol treatment centre. We provide residential drug treatment programs.

Our team of professionals not only treat patients with drugs and alcohol but also treat patients with psychological disorders. Our Rehab Center have the best psychiatrist and psychologist to deal with patients having psychological disorder.  

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